Top Five Wedding Flowers
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Top Five Wedding Flowers

Can’t decide what flowers are best for your big day? We don’t blame you! These days you are spoilt for choice with nearly every flower available to you all year-round.

But don’t stress! We have compiled our five most popular, beautiful and long lasting flowers that we love to use and always get top compliments on.

In no particular order, here are the contenders…


Coming in a vast array of colours, shapes and sizes, the rose is one of the most versatile flowers on the market and pairs well with just about any other flower.

Minature roses are perfect for a headpiece or cake top, while the full David Austin roses add a soft texture to any bouquet and make a stunning centrepiece.

One of the more robust flowers, roses are often used for buttonholes and corsages and stand up well to the elements like heat and wind once out of water.


Graceful, exotic and delicate, the orchid looks beautiful in just about any type of bouquet or centrepiece.

There are a huge array of shapes and sizes with the most popular being the Singapore orchid, the Cymbidium and the Phalaenopsis.

The Singapore orchid comes in a rainbow of colours, including blue, which is often a hard colour to come by with fresh flowers. Orchids and roses are often used together and compliment each other perfectly.

The Cymbidium orchid is a much larger flower which can be carried on its own as a simple minimalist bouquet or add it with other flowers to create a stunning cascading statement bouquet.

For a spectacular centrepiece display, you can’t go past the Phalaenopsis orchid. It drapes and cascades and will definitely turn heads. You may need a big budget as they are priced steeply and per stem.


Coming in shades of purple, mauve, pinks and white, the lisianthus is our number one go to staple for adding colour and texture to bouquets.

Using both the full flower and the unopened green buds, they create a look all of their own while still complimenting other flowers of the same size like roses, miniature gerberas or daisies.

While not always a stand-alone flower, the lisianthus is often used in centrepieces as well as cake flowers to add volume and texture whilst not breaking the bank.


Whilst not in season all year round, during spring/summer we absolutely love the ranunculus for its beautifully shaped petals and cheerful demeanor.

Coming in shades of pink and white, to yellow, red and orange, they will suit most wedding themes from rustic to romantic.

Not the biggest flower on the market, they still look stunning as a stand-alone flower and often take the place of peony roses, minus the high cost.


Once upon a time, Gypsophila (gyp for short) was only ever used as a filler, but it is fast becoming the number one go to flower for the rustic and traditional wedding alike.

It’s dainty white flowers also match well with any bridesmaids dress colour imaginable. They’re also light to hold, which your bridesmaids will thank you for after two hours of photos.

And, they’re one of the most inexpensive flowers currently on the market. Its a win win for everyone!

A simple change of material on the handle will take the bouquet from a rustic look with hessian and jute, traditional with white satin ribbon, or tie it with lace for a more romantic feel.

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