Ballarat Wedding Flowers can work with you to custom design your wedding flowers.

From choosing your bouquets and colour scheme, all the way to designing what will go on top of your cake.

If you are wanting a custom package, we suggest looking through images on google, Pinterest and magazines to get an idea of what you like.

Then bring those along to a consultation or send them to us via our Facebook page for an on the spot quote.

You’ll get an idea straight away if the flowers and design that you have chosen is within your budget.

We have put together the table below of what you can expect to pay for your wedding flowers. While this is just a guide, it is a great tool for budgeting when selecting your package.

You can also find out what flowers are in season with our Flower Season Guide.

Custom Design Flowers

Bridal Party Flowers

      Bridal Bouquet $50-100 $150-300 $400 & up
      Bridesmaid Bouquets $35-60 $75-125 $150 & up
     Flower Girl $20-40 $50-75 $85 & up
      Corsages $10-25 $30-50 $55 & up
     Boutonnieres $5-10 $15-20 $25 & up

Ceremony Flowers

      Alter Arrangements $75-100 $125-200 $300 & up
     Aisle Decoration (per pair) $10-25 $50-100 $125 & up
      Candelabra Decoration $25-50 $75-100 $125 & up

Reception Flowers

      Cake Flowers $25-50 $75-100 $125 & up
      Cake Table Decoration $40-60 $75-120 $130 & up
     Bridal Table $50-75 $100-150 $175 & up
     Buffet Arrangements $75-100 $125-175 $200 & up
      Centerpieces $25-50 $75-175 $200 & up