Your wedding table flowers can be as lavish or as simple as you like.

With so many different styles of reception venues, there has never been such a wide range of choices on offer.

By selecting our reception package, we offer brides ten tables of flowers for one low price.

We also offer the use of our fishbowl vases which we find to be the most versatile vase that looks great at any wedding venue.

If you would like to customise your wedding table flowers and have rustic jars or lux candelabras.

Things to Consider

Some things to keep in mind when deciding on what flowers you want for your reception is your budget, height and layout of the venue.

For budget-friendly options, three or four different sized jars with one or two flowers each one is a great way to decorate a table while only having to use a handful of flowers.

And if you save up your own jars over a period of time, you will save even more.

The mid-range option is a small table arrangement (included in our reception package) that is filled with seasonal flowers.

These arrangements are beautiful and low-level and won’t be at eye level and block your guests view.

They will also tie in perfectly with your selected colour scheme, no matter the time of year.

The high-end wedding table flowers that usually have a tall dramatic arrangement that steals the room and is filled cascading orchids and other feature flowers.

Bridal Wedding Table Flowers

With the bridal table, you have a few options depending on the shape and layout.

If you are sitting on a long rectangular table at the front of the room, then a bridal table arrangement that comes out wide would be your best bet.

Our Reception Package includes this type of arrangement and can be made to suit each setting.

Some brides opt for an arrangement called a ‘hedge’ that spans the entire lengths of the table. While these can get quite pricey, they certainly have the wow factor.

If you are budget conscious, you can just place vases along the table where you would keep your bouquets for the rest of the afternoon.

Your bouquets are quite effective at adding a bit of colour to the table without the expense of an arrangement.

If you would like any more information about how to have your reception venue looking stunning, please contact us for a chat, we would love to work with you and share our ideas.

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