Wedding Centrepieces
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Yes, you read right. Sharing your flowers appears to be the ‘new big thing’.

This growing trend in the States is where a couple who have their wedding on Saturday, will then share their flowers with a wedding or event taking place the next day.

It is easy to do, plus it will help recoup some of those mammoth wedding costs that are associated with your wedding.

How Does it Work?

So let’s just say that Couple One decides to take out our incredible Reception Package for $699.

They then find out through Facebook or a wedding forum there is another wedding on the next day that would be willing to reuse their centerpieces.

Couple Two would be happy to pay for half the costs leaving Couple One with more money in their pocket. It’s a win-win!

Because lets face it, old Auntie June and cousin Kate will end up taking the flowers home anyway.

At least this way your flowers get to be adored and loved at another wedding, and you get half price flowers!

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